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    Market-leading distribution solutions

    Dimaps will match any requirement: Ranging from newspaper, magazine
    and household distribution – over unique opportunities for combined
    distribution – to route optimization and GIS solutions.

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    Unique system for magazine distribution

    Dimaps Distribution is a complete system for efficient
    handling of address-specific products.

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    Flexible mapping solutions

    Dimaps mapping solution offers a ground-breaking, innovative way to manage your distribution.

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    ”We saved 20,000 Euro yearly with the Dimaps
    distribution optimization program”

    says Vagn Kristensen from SAMDI

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Welcome to Dimaps!

Dimaps is the current market leader in distribution solutions in Denmark.

Our strength is our strong integration of business models and geographical tools (GIS). Our flexible system allows us to combine products from several publishers in a single distribution, and thanks to our solid business experience, we can develop complete solutions to match any requirement and all existing standards.

Whether you require co-distribution, newspaper distribution, household distribution, addressed distribution, package distribution, magazine distribution or a completely different type of distribution, Dimaps can offer you customized solutions which can easily be combined with e.g. route optimization, text messaging solutions or electronic carrier handbooks.

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Dimaps is the right partner and supplier to choose, no matter which type of distribution your company is engaged in.